What we hope happens on recital weekend

There are so many things that will happen during dance recital weekend. Some will be expected, and some will catch you by surprise. They are all part of this wonderful journey we call DANCE! As your teachers, here are a few things we hope happen for you on show day.

We hope you make a mistake. Mistakes happen and if you miss a step on stage and keep dancing, that is a huge accomplishment. It helps teach you that when a mistake in life happens, you hold your head high and keep moving.

We hope you look up to someone. The dance studio is filled with incredible role models. The dancer who is older than you, who has the skills you wish you had, worked hard for that position. We hope you look up to them and that you are inspired to emulate their passion, dedication, and work ethic.

We hope you are humbled. There will always be people who are “better” than you at anything you pursue in life. You are not perfect. That’s okay. We hope you never feel like the "best" - because once you do, you may lose the fire to become better. There is always something to learn and we hope you are reminded of this at least once this weekend.

We hope you are praised. You have worked hard. You are worthy of praise. We hope your friends, family, teachers, and classmates congratulate you – not just for your performance, but for the work you put in to make it to performance day.

We hope you have learned. We hope that the lessons you learned throughout this season come to life on the dance floor. We know that dance lasts longer than any other sport – it’s not a season, it’s a lifestyle. We know that what you learn in dance class far surpasses one final show. We hope those lessons continue to shape you long after the curtain closes.

We hope you are inspired. You are fortunate to be a part of this beautiful gift that we call dance. You are surrounded by music, by movement, by passion, and by artistry. We hope you embrace every moment and that you are inspired to dream big.

Good luck, break a leg, merde! Let the curtain rise, for you are ready.