Dance Mom in the Making

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Are you ready to be a rockstar dance mom? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a few quick things a newbie dance mom can do to pretend like you’re a pro already.

Get your terms down.

Leotard: That’s what goes on your dancer’s body – like a swimsuit. And just like a swimsuit, dancers don’t actually wear undies under their leotards – but we don't want to scare you off, so the undergarments lesson can wait for another day!

Tights: These go on your dancer’s legs – like pantyhose (does anyone wear those anymore?). And they go underneath their leotard.

Bun: That’s what goes in your dancer’s hair, not just on their hamburger patty.

Slack: What every dance mom should give themselves when your dancer refuses to have any of the above on their body and comes to class in their pjs instead.

Label Everything.

Your dancer’s ballet slipper will run away from home – and join the one missing sock from every pair that they own. The problem is, it looks like every other tiny adorable ballet slipper from the dozens of other dancers. Please put their name inside their shoe (not on the outside or the bottom of the shoe) so we can help it get back home safely! While you’re at it, label their waterbottle, jacket, and anything else you can slap a sharpie in to!

Let them see your eyes, not your iphone!

We know you want to capture moments of your little one dancing – and we want that too. Take lots of photos before and after class. But during dance class, if your child is dancing for you, put the phone down and look them in the eyes. Clap, cheer and smile. Dance is a performance art and meant to be appreciated by a live audience, not just for filming. Live in the moment with your little one.

Praise the Process.

Remember to give your new dancer lots of love and encouragement. Being a dancer is hard work and takes a lot of bravery to try new things. The best thing you can tell your dancer is “I love watching you dance.” Leave the “point your toes” corrections to the professionals!

Reality is not real life.

In real life, dance moms are supportive, kind, loving, and treat their dance friends like family. If you’ve seen any other “reality” than this, you’ve been misinformed. If you need a bobbypin or a Starbucks run, we've got your back! Some of my very best friends were found on the dance floor – we hope you feel the same.

Welcome to your new official Dance Mom Status. We’re glad you’re here!