Private Lessons

All That! Dance Company is proud to be able to offer private lessons where your dancer can receive more individualized and focused training. Private lessons are offered on both an ongoing and drop in basis. Dancers interested in competing a solo under ATD must be enrolled in an ongoing weekly lesson.

Philosophy on Private Lessons

Not every dancer should have or needs to have private lessons. There is no pressure from our end for dancers to take private lessons and our primary focus is on our group programming. Some dancers thrive in a private lesson setting and some dancers want to compete as soloists, but this is not for every dancer. Don't feel that you need to pursue private lessons because "everyone else is." A very small percentage of our studio takes private lessons and dancers should not compete until their technique is well developed and their confidence level allows them to be successful.

Private lessons can not, and will not, take priority over the training of our dancers as a whole, so priority in instructor hours and space scheduling will always be given to our group lessons, then team dancers, then individual dancers in that order. The instruction that your child is receiving in class is teaching them the foundations that they need to be a strong, technically proficient dancer. This is our focus.

Scheduling Private Lessons

Dancers who are interested in ongoing lessons have first priority. These lessons will run from September 24th to June 14th. They will be billed a monthly tuition rate for a total of 9 months in the private lesson season and you are committing to the full nine month season by registering for these classes. Lessons will be thirty minutes in length. You must commit to your weekly lesson time and lesson fees will not be prorated or rescheduled for missed lessons. The instructor and space is being held for your dancer every week. Your monthly fee represents a total package of what you are receiving and is not priced per lesson.

Your account will have to be current (no outstanding balance) and you will need to be enrolled in autopay with a current card in order to register in new classes through your Parent Portal. Please make sure your account is ready to go before private lesson times open up so that you can access the classes.

Private Lesson Pricing

Solo Lesson (one dancer) billed monthly: $ 100-120 (depending on instructor)

Duet Lessons (two dancers) billed monthly: $ 50-60 per dancer (depending on instructor)

Group Lessons (3 or more dancers) billed monthly: $ 60.00 per dancer ($ 15.00 per dancer per lesson)